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1. Minimum Qualifications to Homeschool

If you are not a PA certified teacher:

Who’s Qualified to Homeschool in Pennsylvania?


Qualifications if you earned a PA teaching certificate:

Homeschooling in Pennsylvania Under the “Private Tutor” Option

2. Compulsory Attendance Age

3 Reasons Not to File an Affidavit Before You’re Required to

The Great “Late Eight” Debate (Or “when should I file an affidavit if my child has a late birthday?”)

3. Initial Paperwork

Please understand that you do not register or apply for homeschooling. If you meet the basic qualifications under the law, you have a right to educate a child at home. A notarized affidavit and a proposed list of objectives is the only “forms” you are required to submit. If you are a PA certified teacher, please see the article above related to proceeding under the private tutor option.


Each of these posts about affidavits has the same information. Two link to videos.

How to Prepare a Homeschool Affidavit in Pennsylvania

The Seven Requirements of an Affidavit Under PA Homeschool Law

How to Prepare an Affidavit in Less Than 10 Minutes

Proposed List of Objectives

How to Prepare A List of Objectives

4. Health Services Requirements

If you file under the private tutor option, you do not have to provide evidence of health services requirements. If you file an affidavit, it should include a statement that the health services requirements have been met or an exemption is maintained. The statements in the affidavit are “sufficient evidence” according to the language of the PA homeschool law. Thus, the supervisor is assuming legal responsibility, under penalty of perjury, that the statements in the affidavit are accurate.

Health Services Requirements under PA Homeschool Law

5. Portfolio

If you filed an affidavit and proposed list of objectives, you should prepare a portfolio. The portfolio consists of a log, samples of work and results from standardized tests in grades 3, 5 and 8. An evaluator reviews the portfolio to verify that “an appropriate education is occurring”. A portfolio (or any of its elements) is not required if you proceed under the private tutor option.


A log is simply a list of titles of reading materials recorded “contemporaneously” with instruction.

Keeping a Log

The Difference Between the Log and the Time Requirement

Samples of work

Samples of Work for the Portfolio

Standarized testing requirement

Testing Requirements Under PA Homeschool Law

6. The evaluation

This is the last formal step in the home education year cycle. This step is not required if you proceed under the private tutor option. Here are some helpful articles.

PA Homeschool Evaluation

Qualifications of An Evaluator Under PA Homeschool Law

This article offers some tips on how to choose an evaluator who is not only qualified but will be a good fit for your family.

How to Choose an Evaluator