PA homeschool law proof of evaluator's qualifications

Should You Provide Proof of An Evaluator’s Qualifications?

It is increasingly common for school superintendents to request an evaluator’s teaching certificate either by contacting the supervisor or the evaluator directly. The Pennsylvania home education law does not give school districts authority to verify an evaluator’s qualifications and┬ásupervisors should decline such requests for the reasons I’ll explain below. 1. The request assumes all evaluators […]

accountability when you homeschool

The Challenge of Accountability When You Homeschool

  One challenge that took me by surprise in the years that I homeschooled was my older son’s need for outside accountability to stay motivated. It took a while for me to recognize because it’s not something a child would understand, know that he needed or be able to articulate. From my point of view, […]

college scholarships

A Resource that Helped Our Son Qualify for a $6k per Year Scholarship

Background I’ve been writing about my son’s college search process on my personal blog (“Being Home“). I’m sharing the latest news that Luke qualified for the academic scholarship at the University where he committed to play tennis. Luke had to raise his SAT score by 40 points to get the award ($6,000/year). He hadn’t prepared […]

My 24 thousand dollar mistake college prep SAT

My $24,000 Mistake on College Tuition*

My Mistake I think I could have requested an accommodation for the SAT based on my son’s mild anxiety. Doing so might have helped him qualify for a $6000 per year scholarship.* First, I do characterize it as my mistake. As a parent, I was in the position to anticipate the impact of his anxiety […]

How to Homeschool High School in Pennsylvania

Homeschooling High School in Pennsylvania

Some homeschool parents get spooked about high school due to Pennsylvania’s higher regulations relative to other states but they really shouldn’t. In this post, I’ll explain how even the most relaxed home education program can satisfy the basic graduation requirements of the Pennsylvania homeschool law while still preparing a student for his or her future […]

more tips for selling used homeschool books

Tips for Selling Used Homeschool Books in Person

This is the third post in a series about how to get value from used homeschool books. In the first post, I told you about my favorite platforms to sell books. In the second post, I shared my best practices for getting the most value and minimizing handling time when selling your used books. In […]

tips for selling used homeschool books

Tips For Selling Used Homeschool Books

In the previous post, I told you about some ways to get value for your used homeschool books. In this post, I’ll give you some tips for choosing which books to sell (compared to giving away), how to price them and how to package them for shipping. [This is beginning to look like another series]. […]

where to sell used homeschool books

5 Ways to Sell Used Homeschool Books

If you’re anything like me, you love to browse and purchase books that you plan to use in your homeschool. If you’ve been educating your children at home for a while, you probably have bookshelves full of great (and not-so-great) used books. Now is a great time to clear the shelves to make room for […]