I created this site as a resource for parents who plan to homeschool in Pennsylvania.

Although there are a few great sites out there with good information about the Pennsylvania Homeschool Law, I thought there was a need for one which was easier to navigate and presented the different filing requirements in an organized manner with access to very simple forms.

Although Pennsylvania law requires more paperwork and contact with the school district than most other states, compliance is not difficult with minimal preparation.

The forms provided on the site (email required) will get you started and can be used as is or as a guide to create your own by incorporating the main elements.

My primary goal is to minimize the stress related to the compliance part of homeschooling in Pennsylvania so you can enjoy the real learning part of it with your children.

Although I’m a former homeschooling parent with a law degree, I’m convinced that a couple of years of filing will make you an expert in the finer details of the law. Speaking of that, I am a lawyer and will attempt to explain some vague aspects of the law as I interpret them. No part of this website may be considered legal advice nor should be construed as legal representation or creating an attorney-client relationship. The opinions expressed here are a result of my reading of the homeschool law, my personal experience and that of the many homeschool parents with whom I’ve had contact as peers. I have never represented anyone in a legal capacity related to issues arising out of the homeschool law and no part of this website is intended as a solicitation for clients.

If your school district is threatening your right to educate your child at home, you should seek the advice of a licensed attorney in your area. While most districts routinely request information or materials that aren’t required by the law, a simple letter pointing this out is usually sufficient. If you are completely new to homeschooling and meet the basic requirements as set forth in this post, you shouldn’t have any problems beginning your journey without interference from the school if you follow the steps as outlined on this site.