How to Withdraw Your Child From School under the PA Homeschool Law

Parents decide to withdraw their child from public school in order to homeschool for many reasons, including health issues, academic or learning difficulties, behavior problems or bullying. When the decision is accompanied by some form of stress on your child, the decision can be even more difficult because parents don’t want to add to their […]

ebook Breast Cancer fundraiser

Raise Money For Breast Cancer Survivors and Download a Freebie!

Help Raise Money For Breast Cancer Survivors and a Freebie! If you missed the opportunity to download my new ebook when it launched, you’ll have another chance to get it for free on Monday, October 14 from about 12 am to 11:59 pm PST. Even though most of the information contained in the ebook, “Homeschooling […]

What One Thing Would You Do Differently

The One Thing I’d Tell My New Homeschooling Self

If you could tell your new homeschooling self one thing, what would it be? This is a toughy because there are a thousand things I would tell myself as a new homeschooler…(not to worry, let them play, READ READ READ to them, get outside EVERY DAY, draw, paint, don’t EVER buy a game system!)….see, I’m […]

homeschool haters

How to Respond to Haters When You’ve Decided to Homeschool

When People Resist Your Decision to Homeschool, Make ’em Laugh If you’ve made the decision to homeschool your children, more than likely, you’ve met resistance from almost everyone who knows and loves you and your children. I realized early on that the best way to address everyone’s discomfort with homeschooling was to make jokes about it, […]

Two habits to get your day started right

Two Homeschool Lifesavers, an Announcement and a Freebie!

First the homeschool lifesaving tips because I don’t want you to miss them. These two practices were critical to my sanity and to the flow of our days at home especially when the kids were little. I know you don’t want me to say it, but I’m going to….you’ve heard it before and you’ve resisted….wake […]

Pa Homeschool Organization

How to Organize Your PA Homeschool Forms

Even if you school year-round, there’s something about this time of year that triggers the brain to organize and gear up for “back to school”. If you’re just beginning to homeschool I wanted to share a super simple tip to help you keep track of copies of the forms you file with the school district. […]

3 Reasons Not to File an Affidavit Before You’re Required to

  Parents who are new to homeschooling in Pennsylvania often notify the school district of their decision before they are legally required to because they don’t understand the compulsory age requirements of the school code which also applies to homeschooled students. If your child hasn’t turned 8, has never attended a public school and you […]

private tutor option PA homeschool law

Homeschooling in Pennsylvania Under the “Private Tutor” Option

Background The homeschool law in Pennsylvania gives any parent or legal guardian who has legal custody of a child the right to educate their child at home. The only qualification necessary is earning a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED). One other important restriction is that neither you or any adult living in the […]

Health service requirements under PA homeschool law

Health Services Requirements under PA Homeschool Law

The Pennsylvania School Code requires homeschooled children to obtain the same health and medical services as their conventionally-schooled counterparts. Unless you claim an exemption to any of the required services (which I will discuss in more detail below), you have a few choices about how and where to obtain health services and maintain health records. […]

How to Prepare A List of Objectives

Since a list of objectives must be filed with the notarized affidavit, I typically prepare it before the affidavit since it can be simple and straightforward. The law simply requires “an outline of proposed education objectives by subject area.” It is important to note two things. 1) Your list of objectives may not be rejected […]