Moving Out of Pennsylvania When You Homeschool

So far in this series about how to legally move a home education program under PA homeschool law, I have discussed how to transfer a program when moving within the state (part 1 and part 2) and what to do when you’re moving to Pennsylvania from another state. This post describes what to do if […]

Moving TO Pennsylvania When You Homeschool

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a homeschooler more than moving from a low regulation state to a high regulation state. Pennsylvania has a reputation for being one of those high regulation states but hopefully, I can reassure you that compliance isn’t that complicated. Compulsory attendance age First, if your child hasn’t reached compulsory […]

How to Respond to Critics When You Homeschool

I recently received a text from a friend who wondered if I ever got tired of the strange looks and comments that people make about homeschooling. She wanted to know if they would ever stop doubting and start believing that you weren’t ruining your kids. Short answer: Yes and No but then Yes. That’s a […]

SAT Prep

My son verbally committed to play tennis at Cleveland State University, which was the only college he visited (God bless him). He has to raise his SAT score by 40 points to qualify for the academic scholarship that will supplement the athletic scholarship. There’s not a whole lot of scholarship money for male D1 tennis […]

Revised PA Homeschool Law Ebook Now Available !

The revised and updated version of the ebook I wrote to help parents navigate the legal filing requirements of the Pennsylvania homeschool law is now available! You can get a pdf copy or purchaseĀ it at Amazon for your Kindle (or any device with the Kindle App). The Pennsylvania homeschool law was amended in October 2014 […]